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Some bubbly love advice

3 exquisite reasons to fall in love right now

"Love is like an empty bottle of Champagne, you don't refill it, you get a new bottle."
Valentines Day gives me the opportunity to point out some precious relationship advice. Not that I'm an expert but whoever came up with this phrase, is an extremely smart person. Translating the Champagne metaphor, it conveys a very simple message: Get away from all your exes, almost-boyfriends or part-time lovers and start a new love episode!
When you already forgot about your New Years resolutions, Valentines Day is the perfect moment to push the reset button and to start over. Fall in love like you open a bottle of Champagne: Carefully at the beginning, then all at once.
Check-out 3 reasons to fall in love right now:
1. Get a new taste
Even Champagne loses its fascination when consumed everyday. Don't stick to a boy out of habit or comfort. Get to know to someone new who'll show you a different side of the world and who'll bring the sparkle back in your life.  
2. Get tipsy
When Beyoncé can be drunk in love, you can be that too. Falling in love is like being tipsy after a glass of bubbly: You can't stop giggling and feel light-hearted. It's the easiest way to step out from your annoying daily routine.
3. Get pampered 
Maybe the boy you newly met wants to get in your pants, maybe he has more serious intentions. One thing is for sure: In the early stage of a relationship, boys will do EVERYTHING for you. It just feels great to be the boss.
Happy Valentines Day!
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