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Sabering it

There is only one badass way to open a champagne bottle

The first time when I saw someone sabering a bottle of Champagne was in the office of the spirits company I worked for in Marseille. It was one of these birthday gatherings. My colleagues made a cake and everything seemed like a normal office get-together. But this was only until her boss arrived with two ice-cold bottles of Perrier-Jouet Champagne. He took the knife that we used to cut the cheesecake, centered himself in the middle of the office floor and just sabered the first bottle: "Joyeux anniversaire!". What a damn cool move that was. The guy made it look effortlessly. I was quite impressed, so I urged him to explain me the art of bottle sabering:

1. Ready: Come prepared

Get a nice, wide-bottomed bottle of bubbly that's nice and cold, remove the foil and the cage around the cork, hold it near the bottom. Bring a dull knife; you can also use the back of your knife instead of the sharp end.

2. Steady: The right angle

Put the blade against the neck of the bottle, and angle that about 45 degrees from the bottle. 

3. Go: Move it

Slide the blade up along the neck of the bottle in one strong, swift motion. You're not trying to pull the cork out of the bottle so much as you'll use the force and pressure to pop the entire top of the glass off, cork and all. It takes a little practice, but if you can get it right, it's definitely impressive and fun to do. 

In case you need a more visually explanation, I invite you the check-out the video below. The guy brings it to the point! 

Have fun trying!

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