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Pop it like Champagne

How to correctly spray a bottle of Champagne

"Champagne showers
We pop pop pop it in the club
We light it up e'rry hour, e'rry hour"
After having explained how to saber a bottle of Champagne, I have another tutorial for you. In the case you are winning the Formula 1 or the Tour de France, you need to know how to perfectly spray a bottle of Champagne. It's not that difficult and you will definitely have a lot of fun trying.

1. Preparation is everything

Pre-shake the Champagne bottle before trying to open it. Shake vigorously in a vertical motion.

2. Time to open

Once champagne is loaded and the celebration mood has risen to its highest level, it’s time to open. This is the most tricky part and can take time. You need to twist the metal wire in a counter-clockwise motion to unwind it from the cork. Once you get the wire off the cork, it’s time to get the cork itself off. This is another tricky part, but with proper technique it can be very elegant. To get the cork off, hold the bottle in one hand and the thumb of the other hand pressing on the cork. Press upwards, away from the bottle and the pressure should release the cork 15 meters into the air. I know the pros make it look easier that it actually is...

3. Spray it

Once the cork is off you need to create more pressure by blocking the bottle opening with your thumb so the  champagne actually sprays out of the bottle. Continue shaking while spraying.

These are the necessities to have a Champagne shower. To get into the mood, let's see and hear into Lmfoa's Champagne shower hit...
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