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Living the Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget

A Champagne anecdote from St.-Tropez

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much of Champagne is just right." Mark Twain
I'll never forget this phenomenal night in St.-Tropez in August 2013. My best girlfriends came to  a visit in Marseille and we spontaneously decided to road trip. We got a small single tent on sale at Decathlon in that we could use for two, additionally to a double tent we slept in at three. We are students, low-budget is our second name.
Filling up the trunk of my Golf 3 with tents and loads of food, we were ready to hit the most prominent spots at la Côte d'Azur: VIP Room St.Tropez, Baôli Cannes, Monaco's private beaches. After having spent sometime at Porquerolles island with beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise water and in Hyères, we finally arrived at our party destination St.-Tropez. Surprisingly enough, the town does not have a camping area. Low budget tourists, please stay out. We mustered up all the money we had and checked-in at a relatively close but quite expensive camping at Port Grimaud. The village is nicknamed "Little Venice" since it's known for its cute channels.
Our calm pentanque playing elderly neighbors did definitely not intend to go to VIP Room St.-Tropez tonight. When getting dressed up and going back and forth between the public bathroom and the tents wearing our short dresses and high heels, they couldn't get their eyes off us. We were a curiosity. Switching on our reliable Golf 3, we drove straight from the trailer park into the club.
We had no money, but we looked fabulous. This was not an easy achievement considering the fact that we did not even have a proper mirror. Five astonishing blond girls. One doorman to pass. In spite of all unnecessary fears, we walked in effortlessly and were appropriately welcomed with free Champagne. After not having seen each other for more than one year, we just enjoyed one's company celebrating our friendship. It was a moment of joy and satisfaction that we shared all together with a glass of very good Champagne in hand.
Sugar daddies waited in line to spend a worker's average salary on us ordering all the drinks we wanted. Face-lifted 40-something might call us "bottle snakes", but we just took what was freely given to us. And we took it all. It was one of the best partying nights in my young history. When the guys asked us "Are you staying at Sezz St.-Trop'?", we replied "We are sleeping in a tent." They thought we were joking.
All in all, we had a blast at one of the most expensive clubs in France without even spending a dime. Champagne was the perfect starter to this unforgettable night which we ended up puking out at Port Grimauds beautiful harbor.
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