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Diamonds are a girl's best friend

World's most expensive Champagne comes with real diamonds

Goût de Diamants is a handcrafted luxury Champagne from a family run estate in the beautiful village of Oger, France, made with 100% rated Grand Cru grapes. In 2013, the brands released a series called “Taste of Diamonds” and guess what? It features an actual diamond. The world’s most expensive Champagne has a Swarowski diamond right on the face of the bottle. Designed by Alexander Amosu, it's handmade of 18ct solid gold giving you the possibility to engrave your name.

End of 2014, Goût de Diamants came up with "Rosé Exquisite" featuring a flawless deep cut pink diamond weighing 19ct fitted at its center. Wild berry and raspberry dominate the fruity taste of the Champagne. Marilyn Monroe would have been delighted.

Their latest coup is their limited candle edition created by DetroitWick, a small american firm specialized in customized out-of-bottle candle manufacturing. Their hand poured scented soy wax candles give a second life to Goût de Diamants' Champagne bottle etiquettes. 

Whether white or rosé, "A taste of Diamonds" would make for a great birthday, anniversary or Valentines gift. All you have to do is find a way to get 1,4 million euros. So, you may opt for the candles? Find a way to make it to one of their exclusive Yacht Club parties in Monaco. No idea if this option might be the easier though...

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